Leash on Life Presents: Photo Contest

Does Your Pet Have Star Quality?

Leash on Life Presents: Photo Contest
Enter to win FREE shampoo and a Leash on Life gift certificate

Enter to win FREE shampoo and a Leash on Life gift certificate

Submit a picture of your pet getting a bath or playing in the water

Let everyone see your wonderful dog or cat. Even though all dogs and cats are winners, our staff will pick the lucky recipient of the free shampoo and gift certificate at the end of the month! Good Luck!

August winners

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2016/10/trophy.png" width="150"> Grand prize winner, Max

Grand prize winner, Max

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2016/10/trophy.png" width="150">1st Place, Sabot

1st Place, Sabot

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2017/09/1st.jpg" width="130">1st Runner-Up, Fly & Rush

1st Runner-Up, Fly & Rush

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2017/09/2nd.jpg" width="130">2nd Runner-Up, Tucker & Rollo

2nd Runner-Up, Tucker & Rollo

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2017/09/3rd.jpg" width="130">3rd Runner-Up, Mordecai

3rd Runner-Up, Mordecai

Photo Contest

August Submissions

Merlin loves to photobomb his brother, Bloo. They're the best of friends!

Scooby rocking his faux hawk during bath time!

Baccar lovin her bath!

Tucker and Rollo enjoying their baby pool, staying cool!

Greta loves to swim! Here she is in a pond showing off her fetching abilities. Unfortunately, ponds don't like her and she gets itchy afterwards so we have to limit her pond time and bathe her immediately after. The shampoo would come in handy!

Fitz not overly thrilled taking his bath

Sweetgirl's favorite passtime

My Sheltie, Calypso, at her last K9Splash. She passed in February 2016, just 3 weeks shy ☺️ of her 15th birthday. She loved to splash around with her little bother, Scooby.

My Border collies, Fly (10) and Rush (2) beating the summer heat!

Sabot, when it come to "water" - Cats are more discriminating.

Spice loves to play in the water and in the pool whenever she gets a chance. She loves to relax in the pool.

Kip was frustrated he couldn't catch the birds so just sat and watched them instead.

George, crazy eyes

Charlie and Murphy wrestle over their favorite pond toy

Max thought this was heaven on earth; kiddy pools filled with tennis balls, swimming, and lots of friends! @the k9 swim last year in Cedar Rapids.

While camping in Backbone state park, I towed max in a kayak behind me.

Toby is less than thrilled after his bath. "Mom, don't take a picture of me, my hair looks terrible" -Toby

You'd think that jumping in the pool would keep Fiction clean, but his habit of "drying" himself off in the dirt afterwards often leads to needing a bath!

Daisy, three hours of swimming makes for a tired puppy

Jersey cooling down at a pool pawty!

Dotty & Snowball were told they were going on a three hour tour.

Mordecai having fun in the sun!

July Winners

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2016/10/trophy.png" width="150">Kevin, winner of the dog submission

Kevin, winner of the dog submission

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2016/10/trophy.png" width="150">Benjen, winner of the cat submission</a>

Benjen, winner of the cat submission

<img style="float:left;" src="http://leashonlife.net/files/2017/08/firstplaceribbon.png" width="150">1st place runner-up, David Hasslehog

1st place runner-up, David Hasslehog