Cat Toys & Treats

Cat nip, no catnip, wands, balls or chirping mice the list goes on for our cat toys. Keeping your cat active is great for their mental and physical health.

You can be equally entertained by watching your feline fly through the house chasing a feather on the end of a wand or doing the slow stalk of multicolored mouse toy.

Even cats jump for joy when they hear their bag of favorite treats. Just like their human staff, some cats are more particular about what they snack on than others.


We are always on the prowl for new, fun, entertaining and interactive cat items. Be sure to stop in and see what's new in Cat Kingdom.
"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this" ~Anonymous

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Do you want a treat for your cat that has more than a high ‘yum’ factor? We have treats with glucosamine for stiff joints, weight management treats, and wheat grass for that outdoor grazing experience. Your cat will never have it so good.
"Happy is the home with at least one cat” ~Italian Proverb