Flea & Tick Protection

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Not So Fun Facts…flea on dog head
A single flea may bite more than 350 times daily! They will consume 15 times their body weight in blood a day, but can live 100 days without a meal. A female flea lay 40-50 eggs a day. For a sensitive or flea-allergic animal, itching caused by the bites can become severe. Fleas also transmit tapeworms and in severe cases cause anemia to a dog or cat. While adult fleas are wingless, they move fast, leaping up to 8 inches at a time or 150 times their own height. Add this to their small stature, and fleas become difficult to see. Flea dirt (blood in the flea feces) is one way to diagnose a flea problem. This will show up as tiny black specs on your pet or bedding. Put a spec on a paper towel, add water, and flea dirt will turn red.

Don’t Bug Me…
The best treatment for fleas and ticks is prevention, and it is not too early. Once the temperature rises above 40 degrees your dog or cat could be picking up fleas. To effectively eliminate fleas from BOTH your pet and your home, you must disrupt the flea’s life cycle.

  • Topically and oral products kill off adult fleas before they have the chance to reproduce. Flea shampoos help ease discomfort caused by the fleas and may give you an indication of the flea infestation, observe the bath water for floating fleas.
  • If any fleas have jumped off your dog or cat (this is very likely) you will want to treat your home along with your pet. Home flea ‘bombs’ are effective, but may miss important areas (such as under your furniture) requiring targeted sprays.
  • While garlic has long been heralded with repelling bloodsuckers (fleas, in addition to vampires) too much can have a toxic effect on dogs.
  • Use caution when using shampoos, topicals, bombs, and sprays in tandem, remember the insecticides can add up quickly, and cause health problems for both you and your pet.

If you would prefer a natural alternative for flea control we have added Alzoo to our lineup. The active ingredient is Geraniol. Alzoo is a preventative for fleas and ticks, so if your pet already has fleas you will need to address that ‘issue’ first, then begin the Alzoo regimen.

Consult with your vet before using any treatment on a puppy or kitten under 12 weeks. Another important note: When it comes to flea products, “Dogs ONLY” means DOGS ONLY. Ingredients in those products can be harmful or fatal for your cat. Be sure to treat your pet with the appropriate dose for their weight. In a 2014 report from the CDC, the most common cause of illness from topical or internal treatments was inaccurate dosing



Adoptable Cat of the Month, Foozball…
Foozball is an older gal looking for a retirement home. She is spayed and litter box trained. Foozball is available through the Iowa City Adoption Center, call (319) 356-5295 or visit www.icanimalcenter.org to learn more about the animals at the Center.