February Newsletter

                                February 2020

New Behind the Scenes…

Many of you may have noticed our frustration when it comes to the lack of reliability of our credit card PIN pads. We are excited to announce we have decided to change our point of sale and ordering system. This is not a small undertaking, but we are all excited about increased functionality on the back side and markedly increased reliability at check out. We plan on a start date the first part of February. Our old system will be on ‘phased retirement’. Your sales history will not be pulled into the new system, so we will still have our old system available to look up your past purchases. With the new system we will now be able to take all forms of payment including AmEx and Apple Pay and can email you receipts if you like.


Winter is Upon Us…

Another Midwest winter is upon us. An important thing to remember is to always keep your pets away from antifreeze solution. Antifreeze is attractive to pets and is deadly, even in very small amounts.

Darn that ice, no one seems to like it! What is the solution? Melt it! While that may keep us from slip-sliding away, it doesn’t always help our canine companions. The salt in most ice melt can be irritating not only paws to, but stomachs (when licked off paws). Ice melt is available in paw friendly form and it’s easier on your lawn. Unfortunately, you can’t always control what others do (try as you might). So, after jaunting around the neighborhood, wipe off your dog’s paws and legs. Another solution is boots for your dog. This protects them from the harmful salt and will keep the painful snowballs out of their toes.




Share the Love…

Nulo (where NUtrition meets LOve) will have a Valentine’s special for the month of February offering dollars off all bags of dog and cat food. Nulo is proudly made in the U.S. using only the highest quality domestic ingredients. Nulo is low in carbs and uses only low glycemic ingredients in every recipe. Great nutrition isn’t worth much if it isn’t digested thoroughly. Nulo has a patented probiotic, BC30, to support your pet’s immune system and provide better nutrient absorption.




 Adoptable Pet of the Month, Sansa… Sansa is   about 2 years old. She is currently at our   North Liberty Leash on Life store. While she   might prefer being an only child, she loves   people attention and is very social. Feel free to   stop in and meet her, she will make someone   a wonderful companion. Sansa is available   through Paws and More Animal Shelter. Call   (319) 653-6713 or   visit  www.pawsandmorewashington.org/ to   learn more about all the animals at the shelter.