August Newsletter

Weighty Issues…

are often asked how to facilitate a dog or cat who is pleasingly plump, to lose weight. Ideal body condition for dogs and cats includes being able to feel their ribs, smooth over the hips and a waistline you can see from above. Here are a few things to remember. The amount of food listed on the bag maybe more than your pet requires. Like us, your pet’s individual metabolism, exercise, age and overall health will determine what is really needed to remain lean and healthy. Remember to think about all sources of calories your pet is getting each day. This includes treats and chews. Come in and check out our 2-3 calorie treats.


Now, how do you get the pounds off when most of our pets ‘lie’ to us and say they need more to eat. Increasing exercise, as your dog will tolerate, is a good place to start. An extra lap around the block for your dog is good for everyone in the house. Now is a great time to do this before old man winter returns.


To increase cat activity a wand toy is always fun. Also, including an active food dispenser is good for any cat or dog. These add activity and the bonus of mental engagement as well!


The next step is to feed fewer calories. Most folks frown when we recommend feeding less. A good place to start is a reduction of 10% in calorie intake for several weeks until your pet achieves the weight you want, and really, your dog or cat will be OK. A guideline to estimate daily calorie intake is this formula… convert your pet’s ideal weight to kilograms (pounds divided by 2.2), take the weight in kg x 30 + 70=Kcalories per day.

A Community of Caring…

Leash on Life cares about our community and so do you! Together we made an impact helping many dogs are cats. Leash on Life had some great partnerships to help several area animal service organizations.

Running from July 12 – August 12 we have partnered with Fromm Family Foods to help Paws & More Animal Shelter fund a much-needed transport van. For every bag or can of Fromm food you buy we will donate

  • money to Paws & More. In the first two weeks we have funded over $2000, with over 15% coming from the addition of your generous donations. We are shooting for $5000 by August 12th to put Paws & More over the top for the van. We are happy to add your donations to get the van rolling.
  • We really made a splash on July 27th with Iowa Humane Alliance, to raise money for spay & neuter programs. Thanks to the all-star efforts of Hills Bank volunteer washers and Lemon Bosses, as well as Heartland kennels providing pooch pedicures. We bathed/nail trimmed 25 dogs and 11 microchips. A nice time was had by all, even with a little bit of rain
  • Best Friends Dog Academy has taken the lead on helping the Friends of the Animals shelter in Tipton, with some desperately needed supplies. Best Friends Dog Academy is donating training time and Leash on Life has sent out Kong toys, leashes and training treats purchased by you at significantly reduced prices. Please check out some of the nice pets at this often-overlooked shelter.

Going to New Heights…

          All the area shelters have an abundance of wonderful cats to adopt.  Our store in North Liberty is now featuring a cat up for adoption from Paws & More Animal Shelter in Washington. We have added a climbing play area for cat enrichment. Stop into North Liberty to meet the current great cat up for adoption.








Adoptable Pet of the Month, Jackson…

Jackson is about 6 years old. He is currently at our North Liberty Leash on Life store. He loves people attention.

Jackson might not be excited about living with a dog or another cat, but he sure likes humans. He has been front declawed and has been doing well on a urinary care dry & wet food. Jackson is available through the Paws & More Animal Shelter. Call (319) 653-6713 or visit to learn more about all the animals at the shelter.