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February Newsletter

Think Positive about Dog Training… Dog training… it’s part of being a dog owner, but training methods vary greatly. The techniques and methods used defines the relationship your dog will have with you and others for years to come. Although...

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December Newsletter

Party Time… Leash on Life would like to thank you for your business throughout the entire year. Back, by popular demand…our customer appreciation party. Store wide sales and door prizes. Stock up for your own pets and help fill the donation boxes...

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November Newsletter 2018

Winter Games Night… Join Best Friends Dog Academy and Leash on Life For a night of fun and games! We all need something to keep the pups busy when the snow flies. Interactive toys and games are a great cabin fever diversion. Ever want to try...

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September Newsletter 2018

Hide & Seek... Just like hide & seek takes two players, so do our new, fun and unique dog and cat interactive training puzzles. The Trixie puzzles are a great opportunity for you to bond with your dog and cat while teaching them new skills. These are...

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July 2018 Newsletter

Summer Suggestions… Here are some Fourth of July, as well as summer time tips to keep your pet safe.  Your dog and cat’s hearing and vision is different than ours. The flash, boom and crowds of fireworks can cause great anxiety for them....

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June Newsletter 2018

          Food Safety First… Do Rover or Fluffy give you a big smile when you dump their big fresh bag of food into your plastic storage container? What they don’t know is over time this is not a...

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Spring is here so let’s CELEBRATE!

Please join us: North Liberty on Friday May 18th Iowa City on Saturday May 19th We are throwing a party!, for those who feed Fromm, all who want to try Fromm or those who want to have fun (that covers everyone!) Enjoy ice cream Win...

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April Newsletter 2018

Isle of Dogs... Visit the Film Scene for Isle of Dogs, presented with Leash on Life and Friends of the Animal Center Foundation. Opening April 13th, director Wes Anderson's inimitable style is going to the dogs in his latest star-studded...

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March Newsletter 2018

March Madness… It’s that time of year again, March Madness. For some it’s the basketball tournament office pool, but for those of us with dogs we know the madness is in the house. March is cabin fever time when the dogs are a little stir crazy...

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February Newsletter 2018

Nulo, “where NUtrition meets LOve” Thanks to Nulo’s passion for pet nutrition and healthy lifestyles, we are giving away a Fit Bit! Our winner will count every happy step of those Spring dog walks. During the month of February enter to win the...

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